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For Financial Markets

One of the greatest trends in conventional financial markets is the push toward low latency, high availability services.  At the same time, regulatory change has created new legal data requirements. Present era protocols for market data distribution and client order management were not designed with these requirements in mind, and have begun to show their age.  IFEX offers the potential for normalization to a single protocol across all client channels, whilst preserving extensibility - no longer will you need to work through an external standards body or custom solutions in order to meet new protocol requirements.

Digital markets such as digital currency exchanges can benefit from IFEX by leveraging its capacity for arbitrary asset types and any settlement path: broadening your market, lowering settlement costs, and enabling the redundant routing of financial settlements that can ensure your business stays online in the event of disaster.

Right now, new markets may acquire public identifiers under the IMIC proposal, and may adopt the (European IBAN standard-like) IIBAN proposal for reliable account identification.

In the near future, the IFEX protocol (currently under development) will provide additional benefits.