Lock-in Considerations

   In deference to Jaron Lanier's call for humanistic concerns in
   technology, it may be noted that by dealing exclusively with metadata
   concerning transactions rather than settlement mechanics per se,
   Lanier's `lock-in' (the indeliberate exclusion of alternative
   approaches to value tranfer should IFEX become popular) is largely

   In addition, IFEX development included consultation with both
   monetary theorists [ENDOFMONEY] and the largest global network of
   alternate fiscal communities [CES].  It is hoped that including this
   breadth of perspective has reduced the risk of lock-in as well as
   increasing scope for future collaboration between the internet
   technical community and these types of communities.

   Heartening in this regard is the following anecdote: during early
   discussions a member of the IETF's energy Working Group expressed
   interest in the use of an arbitrary commodity trading protocol for 
   the management of finite energy resources, for example in embedded
   systems; there is conceivably no reason why IFEX could not be used
   for such purposes.