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Open Issues List

  • Cryptography
    • Cryptographic features within IFEX are all optional.
      • This is because some deployment environments may not want them, eg. those that may be highly latency sensitive.
    • The IIBAN registry, which should be managed by IANA, will include cryptographic keys for IIBAN allocating institutions, which can act as an initial trust anchor for IFEX transactions.
    • Most deployments are expected to require some cryptographic features:
      • message integrity, encryption, signatures, non repudiation.
    • Given the JSON structure of the basic messages, what is the best way to integrate these features?
      • Message Integrity
        • Can be provided by signatures.
      • Non Repudiation
        • Can be provided by signatures.
      • Signatures
        • It is easier if signatures are part of the message itself.
        • It should be possible to strip the signature and verify the rest of a message against that signature.
        • Conclusion: desirable to include in IFEX messages, though optionally not as part of the core but rather an extension specification (this would necessitate an extension negotiation mechanism)
      • Encryption
        • Encrypted messages are wholly unintelligible to IFEX nodes other than the intended recipient.  This makes providing meaningful feedback from such nodes difficult.
        • If a single encryption strategy is not specified (beneficial for both the flexibility and longevity of the protocol, yet impacting poorly on the potential for interoperability amongst initial adopters), then a pre-messaging link establishment phase may be required
          • This all adds complexity... not so pretty.  Therefore, perhaps message encryption should be shelved as part of IFEX and deployed as a transport-layer concern using encryption that links somehow to IFEX-negotiated party identities?
  • JSON Schema
    • Need to create/finalize JSON Schema for various parts of each message type
      • Can do by hand (error prone) or use http://www.jsonschema.net/ - though that doesn't support subschemas (referencing) which are a requirement given duplicate objects (party specifiers, etc.)
  • Link or Extension Negotation
    • Potentially useful for defining which vocabularies (eg. Assets within specific Asset Registries), cryptographic features, etc. may be supported
    • Could occur within RFQ/QUO messages or within an as yet undefined, still-earlier message type HELO (sent when initiating an IFEX Link) .. though another message-passing stage would likely harm latency